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Hello, I wanted to reach out to say thanks for Carl and staff for a job well done! Without going into great detail about my experiences with other chimney companies that have employees working off commission, I was thankful that I found Central Indiana Chimney to quickly repair and waterproof our problem area. There is something to be said about honesty and quality workmanship in business and I am proud to say that Central Indiana Chimney provided this!

- Jon

On February 29th, I called Central Indiana Chimney Repair about a leak originating from my chimney that was causing the interior walls and ceiling of my home to crumble. I was not expecting such an immediate resolution to my problem. Carl, such a kind and efficient man, came out to assess the damage on Tuesday, March 1st. By that Friday afternoon, He had completed the job to my total satisfaction. Wow! However, that wasn’t the most impressive part about working with this company. Originally, I had called around the 19th of February to schedule. I called back to escalate the appointment because between the ever predictable Indiana weather—Hoosiers, you know what I’m talking about—and my inability to run my furnace which seemed to only exacerbate the problem…I was freezing to death! Within 10 minutes of Carl leaving my home, Jenn, the office manager, called with all of the concern of a trusted and loving life-long friend. This company was not about to let my body be discovered by a neighbor or the police after a good spring thaw out.

Overall, I imagine that my experience with this business speaks to what it must have been like to be alive in the 1950s—when concern for a fellow human being trumped the almighty dollar.

Sincerely, Tracy - February 29, 2016


Customer Central Indiana Chimney Repair! For life!

Just wanted to send a note to say thanks to Cindy and Carl for service that strongly exceeded our expectations. They were very quick to respond to our request for a quote, and come to service our fireplace he next day. They repaired the damper and installed a screen on the chimney. Carl sent us pictures via text message (since we were not home) so that we could see the final product. I highly recommend Central Indiana Chimney Repair.

Thanks again for a job well done!

Shawn and Emily-March 17, 2010

Dear Carl and Crew,

“Thanks so much for doing a great job in fixing our chimney flue and cap. Wow! It has made a world of difference! This is the warmest our house has ever been. The woodstove burns much hotter now; what a huge difference it made in getting the right flue and cp. My only regret is that w didn’t figure this out years ago. Well, we’re really enjoying being toasty warm now.”


Michele and Family-February 19, 2010

“This company was quite professional. Carl Thoroughly explained what the problem with the chimney flue and cap was about and offered much helpful information on our wood stove and alternative heating for the home, which was greatly appreciated. Carl took great pictures and did a thorough inspection on a steep roofline. Central Indiana Chimney Repairs was very friendly and seem to be an authority in their area of expertise.”

Description of work: Central Indiana chimney Repairs came to give us a third opinion on our wood stove insert chimney problems and an estimate.

Michele and Mike D-Martinsville, IN 46151-January 19, 2010


“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your chimney company. Earlier today I did receive a phone call from your company and the gentleman quickly talked me through the lighting process. I had failed to “hold in” the pilot button when trying to light it. He was very kind and quickly helped me through this process.

Because of this customer service, I will gladly use your company in any future situations as well as recommended your company to anyone who needs their fireplaces looked at.”

Thanks again for all your help!

Tricia B-January 6, 2010

“I was originally looking for someone to install a screen around my chimney because I heard birds chirping last year. The company came out and found I did not need a screen because it was in good condition, thereby saving money for me. I also needed a gutter cleaning which they did an excellent job!”

Project: Brick or Stone Fireplace (non-gas)-install

Michele S.-Indianapolis, IN

“Very well, I called them and Carl came out that afternoon and left an estimate. I called two other companies. He sounded reluctant to do it. The other company cme out and was about $200 higher. I called Carl and told him he had the job. He ordered the cap and come within 5 days and installed it. I also had him repaint the chimney. (I provided the paint).”

Description of Work: Replaced Chimney cap. Our old chimney cap was rusted, causing rusty streaks to run down the chimney and stain the woodwork.

Gary M H-Indianapolis, IN 46217-October 17, 2009

“Carl arrived right on tie, he was very friendly and professional. He left the house just the way he found it. He even showed me how to use my gas ignition for our wood burning way he found it. He even showed me how to use my gas ignition for our wood burning fireplace.”

Description of Work: Chimney inspection and cleaning.

Dee B-Carmel, IN 46032-October 15, 2009

“Very good-I have used this company for repair service in November of 2008. I would recommend them highly.”

Description of Work: Chimney sweep-2 Chimneys

V McIntire-Martinsville, IN 46151-October 1, 2009

“Carl arrived on-time, provided me with his business card before coming in, took his shoes off, and was respectful of not making a mess. He went out of his way to answer my questions and encouraged me to call with problems.”

Description of Work: Chimney cleaning, chimney checked for faults, information provided.

Barb S-Eagle Creek, IN 46214-September 26, 2009

“They did an outstanding job overall. I would recommend them highly to anyone, and already have. They did a remarkable job of repairing what needed to be. I will never have another problem with it."

Description of work: I used Central Indiana Chimney Repairs to sweep my chimney. They also repaired my chimney after flood damage.

Judith M-Greenwood, IN 46143-August 13, 2009

“There were two processes, chimney repair and chimney sweep. They had don an outstanding job overall. Their work is absolutely exquisite, and I will never have another problem with my chimney. They had said they wanted to do both the chimney repair and the chimney sweep because hey wanted to win the super service award. My friends and others who have seen the work are astounded at its quality. I would recommend them highly to anyone for chimney repair. I already have recommended them to two or three of my friends.”

Description of Work: I had used Central Indiana Chimney Repairs to tear down and rebuild my chimney because fo flood damage. They had cleaned my chimney, and had done a remarkable job of repairing what needed repaired.

Judith M-Greenwood, IN 46143, August 12, 2009

“I felt their pricing was very reasonable and they were courteous. They were prompt and the fact they helped me with making the decisions about smoke damage due to the stuck flue was great. I thought they were excellent and would definitely call them again. I would highly recommend them”

Description of Work: Our Flue was stuck so it would not open all the way. They discovered this and repaired it. They put a new cap on top of the chimney so the flue would stay open and not become stuck. They also cleaned out our chimney and cleaned up our fire logs.

Frank and Judy B-Indianapolis, IN 46250-April 15, 2009

“Very professional!” I highly recommend them.”

Project: Brick or Stone Fireplace (Non-Gas)-Repair

Jeff M.-Indianapolis, IN

“Very friendly and professional”

Project: Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit (Gas)-Repair

Fishers, IN

“Professional, friendly, educational, and offered advice on improvement product but did not pressure sell.”

Project: Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit (Non-Gas)-Repair

Noblesville, IN

“Knowledgeable, friendly, punctual and was very neat and clean.”

Project: Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unit (Gas)-Repair

Linda B.-Greenwood, IN

“Great price and on time!”

Project: Pre-Fabricated Fireplace Unite (Gas)-Repair

Indianapolis, IN

“Very good work…Very enjoyable to talk to”

Project: Chimney or Fireplace-Clean and inspect

Michael W.-Indianapolis, IN

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